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EZPlatform™ AP/Hotspot/Repeater


RepeaterTeletronics' EZPlatform™ AP/Hotspot/Repeater is designed for high-power access point, hotspot and repeater applications. A powerful end-to-end system for a wireless Internet network can be built byintegrating the EZPlatform™ with Teletronics TT™ subscriber units andother radios. The simplicity of use of the EZPlatform™ allows operators to quickly bring service to their customers, and with its two serial ports andtwo Ethernet ports the unit can easily incorporate GPS, GPRS, RFID, VoIP,surveillance cameras, field meters, motion sensors and data networks formultiple industrial and commercial applications. The EZPlatform™ is availablein single or dual radio configuration, with 1 W (2.4 GHz) and 600 mW (2.4/5.8 GHz) radio card options.

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Item # Description Price Sale Price Order
rfw-ezp-312 Teletronics EZPlatform Single 2.4GHz 1w High Power Radio 460.00 354.00
rfw-ezp-313 Teletronics EZPlatform Single 5.8GHz 600mW High Power Radio 443.00 341.00
rfw-ezp-314 Teletronics EZPlatform Dual 5.8GHz 600mW High Power Radio 542.00 417.00
rfw-ezp-315 Teletronics EZPlatform with single 900MHz 700mW High Power Radio 553.00 425.00
rfw-ezp-316 EZPlatform with Dual 900MHz 700mW High Power Radio 668.00 514.00
rfw-ezp-317 EZPlatform with Dual Radio 2.4GHz -1W & 900MHz -700mW AP 668.00 514.00
rfw-ezp-320 EZPlatform with Dual Radio 5.8GHz- 600mW & 900MHz -700mW 576.00 443.00
rfw-ezp-321 Teletronics EZPlatform Dual 2.4GHz 1W High Power Radios 576.00 443.00

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